Facing my fears: Getting good at business

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I’m packing up my virtual lunchbox and tightening my backpack straps… because for the first time in the 11 years since I got my Master in Fine Arts (which is not-at-all helpful in my current career as an entrepreneur, but quite helpful in my career as a writer), I’m signed up for The Wharton Business School’s (oooh, fancy!) MBA-level Introduction to Business Operations class through Coursera online.

The best part? Not only do I get a verified Certificate of Completion to enrich my resume and personal pride account, but the class, itself, is 100% FREE.



I so need this. I started The Broke-Ass Bride blog with not a single inkling that one day, it would become a business. To quote the Hova “I’m not a businessman. I’m a BUSINESS, man.” For years, the cart has been pulling this horse down the road of accidental entrepreneurship, and it’s high time I deal with my lack of knowledge and experience. And who better to turn to, than one of the most highly-acclaimed business schools in the country? But, as it so often goes, the hardest things are often (surprise) the hardest. And it takes a lot of energy for my artist-brain to cotton to business-mindsets. It’ll be a healthy challenge. That’s for certain.

I’m terrified. I’m excited. I’m anxious. I’m relieved.

It’s an eight-week course, taught via video modules that vary in length between 6-15 minutes each. I can watch them on my own schedule, in my own time. The teacher seems great – he’s really excited by the opportunity to teach virtual courses, and has some fun ideas about ways we can participate in the class at varying levels, depending on our personal interests. There is no obligation to buy any materials for the course, but there is a recommended textbook, which McGraw-Hill offers as an e-book for a reduced price of $30 (compared to $165 on Amazon for the hard cover) if you choose to buy it.

And, yeah, I chose to pay the $49 for the verified Certificate of Completion because it’ll help motivate me to not drop out because I’m scared or lazy or (most likely) both. It’s that carrot I need dangling ahead of me – knowing that when I finish, I get a shiny piece of paper that says “hey, you did this! and it’s legitimate!”

They also have courses in Marketing, Financial Accounting, and Finance that aren’t currently available, but I have Marketing and Accounting on my watchlist so I’ll know when they come up again. I think those could also really help me in my progress as a businesswoman. Numbers and I aren’t the best of friends. I could use the help.

Coursera has lots of other classes available from tons of other institutions, in all subjects. All free. So, theoretically, there’s something for everyone. I love that.

Wish me luck! I’ll let y’all know how it goes.