Hit me up!

Talk to me. Like lovers do.

Or, like friends do.

Or strangers.

Whatever makes you happy. I’ll take what I can get.

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3 thoughts on “Hit me up!

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  3. In 1984 I was traveling on a Pan Am flight from Tampa Florida to Frankfurt Germany, to visit my boyfriend, and to tour Europe. I was excited and wearing a great outfit for my boyfriend to see when I disembarked the plane. I had been in the travel industry for 4 years, and as an industry professional, I was upgraded to business class. I settled into this cabins front row seat. A man sat down next to me (to my left) on the aisle. At the time I guessed he was roughly in his late 40’s and around my dads age. I was 23 years old. My Italian catholic upbringing taught me to regard and respect older men. We settled in and before long the plane was taking off. Dinner was served and afterwards the stewardess handed out pillows and blankets. The man next to me ordered a glass of white wine and pushed his seat back. The wall movie screen in front of us began playing whatever film was popular at that time. I felt relaxed and pleased my trip was going to be an experience of a lifetime. I began to nod off but suddenly awoke with an awful pain in my groin. The man to my left had his right arm under my blanket. His fingers were literally synced to my private area as if I were a bowling ball. His fingers were buried in through my clothing. I screamed and as I tried to disengage him, it caused his glass of white wine to go midair and land straight onto me. The stewardess ran to us. She saw the look of terror on my face and grabbed my hand and lead me to the galley. I explained to several stewardesses gathered around what he had done. In the 80’s no one knew to what to do about this situation. The consensus became ( because it was a full flight) I would be seated in a jump seat, to keep me away from my violator. When we arrived in Frankfurt I watched as he departed the plane with a smug smile on his face. The stewardess walked me out to meet with my boyfriend and explain what had happened. When he saw me disheveled and smelling of fermented sour wine, well, our reunion was not as planned. Together we walked to baggage claim and there I watched my attacker grab his luggage from the carousel. I asked the stewardess what they were going to do about him. She just shrugged and told me to put the incident behind me and enjoy my time in Europe. She waved goodbye and ran off to catch her turn around flight. I have never forgotten nor gotten over my mistrust or disappointment in how this was handled. Or, that for my attacker there would be many many more flights and so many more of his victims.

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