The eyes have it.

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You know what sucks? Waking up blind in one eye, out of nowhere.

It happened to me, in May, in San Francisco. Because nothing makes a romantic vacation better than a medical emergency, am I right?

So we found a retina clinic, post haste. Turned out I had a hemorrhage overnight, which caused my eye to fill with blood. The blood was too plentiful and dark to see through. (No, I didn’t cry tears of blood. Though that would have been fucking bad-ass.)

The doctor suspected that one of my 3 implants (2 glaucoma valve tubes and a slow-release steroid pellet) had rubbed against something and caused the hemorrhage. Not really a big deal, in the grand scheme. The blood would settle over the next week or so; my vision would get better; I could go on with my vacation and be merry. But he wanted me to visit my specialist when I got home, for follow-up.

If you know me, you know that for the past 17 years I’ve lived with an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in my eyes, which is dangerous and blinding if left unmitigated. Over the 17 years I’ve had this disease, I’ve been treated with drops, injections, chemotherapy (which affected my fertility), lasers, and 17 surgeries (as of tomorrow).

Yup. I’m having eye surgery tomorrow. And, I had surgery just two weeks ago too. JEALOUS?

eye surgeryBIONIC, bitches.

Turned out, when I went to my local doctor for a follow-up on the hemorrhage situation, we discovered that my disease had come roaring out of remission, and I had significant swelling in my macula, which is probably what rubbed against my glaucoma tube and caused the bleeding. I needed the steroid implant replaced, so it could control the swelling and keep the inflammation at bay. It had run out of medicine early.

And since the implant in my left eye is only 4 months older than the one in my right, he advised that we replace it now, too, to minimize the chances that I’ll have the same problem in a few months, and need surgery too close to my wedding to allow my eye to recover.

So, this month… the eyes have it. 2 surgeries in 2 weeks.

But, on the bright side, once it’s all over, I should be good for another 3 years or so. Knock wood.

Also, on the bright side, PAINKILLERS.

Here’s looking at you!



13 thoughts on “The eyes have it.

  1. Scary! So scary. Auto immune disorders suck balls. I hope your eyes are OK for a long time and that doctors figure out a long term solution before you go blind forever. That is scary!!

  2. I see you coming through this in a blaze of glory. You’ll be better in the blink of an eye. Just try not to lash out at any nurses or doctors. Ya good?I can keep going. Kick ass, take names, get painkiller goofy and I got your back. Mmmkay?

  3. This might be a goofy question, but I’m curious how repeated eye surgeries + eye makeup work? Can you wear it? Or only certain types? Do you have to wait a while after the surgeries to use it?

    Good on you for staying positive, Dana. Lots and lots of good things coming your way 🙂

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